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Welcome to our Medical Center.
Right in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, only moments from the Las Vegas strip.

Patient Centered Health Care

1World Medicine - Las Vegas
Wellness does happen when the body, mind and spirit are brought into a 'whole picture of alignment', as all healing comes from within.

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1 World Medicine Inc has been designated as a Certified Urgent Care by the Urgent Care Association of America. 


Primary Care  & Family Doctors  at 1 World Medicine

The Primary Care Physician is the medical professional who coordinates your health care; a member of your team who should be your most trusted information resource and partner in your health care.  This is intended to be an enduring partnership where your doctor provides expertise upon which you base your medical decisions.  This relationship is one of mutual trust as together you will make important decisions directing your health care.  

Choosing a Primary care physician for you and your family is the first of the important decisions you make regarding your health and wellness. The family physician you choose for your overall health care is an important choice, it’s your choice.  Areas to consider are:

  • Do you feel comfortable discussing all your issues with the doctor, even your beliefs and lifestyle choices?

  • Your primary care physician should take the time to listen and understand, with care and concern, all of your issues – physical, mental, emotional, and financial.

  • Your primary care physician should offer further options towards your health care needs including suggestions of additional informational resources.  

  • A time may come when an issue requires further diagnostic testing or a referral to a specialist.  When this happens your primary care physician should fully explain the situation and the diagnostic options available including their potential cost.

  • Do you believe that your physician has only your best interests in mind, treating you with the same level of care they would a member of their own family?

At 1 World Medicine it is our commitment to work together with you, our patient, to be your partner in achieving health and wellness.  Our goal is to minimize your requirements for emergency health care by getting you healthy and keeping you healthy – making the journey with you to a state of vibrant wellbeing!